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Our Response to COVID-19

For TUSMUNC V, we will be hosting an in-person conference, having one committee virtual. We believe that having the option to participate in a virtual committee is important for those delegates who cannot make the conference in person or would feel more comfortable participating in an online conference.  We have been working hard to make sure that the day will be fun and enjoyable for all delegates.


This year we will be running four crisis committees,  and one press corps committee. For our virtual crisis committee, we are planning on using Google Meet and Slack, software for online video communications. For delegations and delegates that are planning on attending our virtual committee, we would like to make sure that the software is compatible with your devices. We also want to ensure that advisors and parents are comfortable with giving permission to delegates to use this software. If any changes occur as to our plans for software usage, we will inform the advisors of the attending schools.

Before the conference, please read our Technology Guidelines, which also include our Code of Conduct for TUSMUNC V. 

If there are any additional questions from delegations, parents, or advisors feel free to email us at

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