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For those attending TUSMUNC V, please remember to review the policies outlined below regarding attire and awards.

What should delegates wear?

Delegates should wear western business attire to any MUN conference (in-person or virtual.) This typically means an appropriate outfit consisting of some of the following articles: blazers, collared shirts, blouses, cardigans, skirts, slacks, flats, dress shoes, and pantsuits. Overall, delegates' attire should reflect how they wish to portray themselves to others in their committee - intelligent, capable young decision-makers.


Will awards be given to delegates?

Awards will be distributed during Closing Ceremonies. There will be committee-specific awards, position paper awards, and a Best Delegation award. The committee-specific awards will include an Honorable Mention, Outstanding Delegate, and Best Delegate; these are decided on for each committee by that committee's dais. However, we ask that delegates not focus on awards while participating in the committee. Our chairs have worked hard to create a welcoming environment for delegates of all experience levels to engage in healthy, informed debate. We encourage negotiation, compromise, and working together rather than the gain of power and influence by means of intimidation, and this will be reflected in the distribution of awards. ​


What is the policy on technology?

This is a no-electronic conference. This includes computers, cell phones, tablets, and any similar electronic devices for all in-person delegates. For those delegates who are participating in the fully virtual committee, computers and cell phones are of course allowed!! We hope this encourages delegates to thoroughly research their topics and remain focused during the debate. All directives will be submitted handwritten to be typed up by our staff.


More questions? Send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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