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In addition to delegates reviewing their background guide, they must each perform their own research prior to the conference. Delegates should have some basic information (such as general vocabulary on their topic and specifics about their delegation) memorized, but we recommend that delegates also print some of the resources they use and form a research binder in case they need to quickly reference information. To ensure the delegate's full concentration is focused on committee, laptops will not be allowed during committee sessions. Lastly, all portfolio powers will be sent to the delegates the night before the conference, so please encourage them to look out for an email from their chairs/crisis. 

Position Paper Policy

Whether a delegate has been to one conference or ten, writing a position paper is the best way to ensure a delegate is well-versed in their topic. When preparing for TUSMUNC, each delegate is required to compose their own position paper to ensure that the delegates are ready to participate and that debate is well-informed. When completed, each delegate is to email their position paper to their chair (whose contact information will be included in the committee's background guide). If a delegate's position paper is submitted by 10:00 pm the night before, the delegate's chair will have it printed out with feedback written on it to give back to the delegate at the conference. For more about how to go about writing a position paper, please visit our "How to Write a Position Paper" page.


Plagiarism, cheating, and/or foul play of any sort will result in the expulsion of the delegate from the conference and may also result in the revocation of any future invitation to this conference, depending on the severity of the offense.  Prewritten directives, plagiarized position papers, or the use of electronics during committee will not be tolerated.  Please help us to maintain the integrity of our conference by refraining from breaking these rules.

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