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The Matchgirls Strike of 1888

Welcome to the Bryant and May Factory in London, one of the most successful factories in the nation, and home to over 2,000 young female factory workers. To the outside world, they are pioneers in the field of matches, but inside, something more sinister is going on. Unsafe working conditions and terrible pay keep costs down and profits up, and the high turnover rate and poverty throughout London ensure that no one the girls will cause disruption or fight for better pay or rights. Not only that, but the public is completely oblivious to the horrors that are occurring. As the conditions continue to grow worse and girls begin disappearing/dying, will the time finally come for the workers to stand up for the tyranny? Or will the factory owners continue to grow their empires? The choice is up to you, delegates. 

Level: High School Advanced

Crisis Director: Katie Miller


Background Guide To Be Posted
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