Technology Guidelines

What software will I need for TUSMUNC IV?

All delegates who will be participating in our entirely virtual committee will need to create accounts for both Zoom and Slack prior to the conference. These accounts should be created using the same email address to maximize efficiency. Our use of Slack will involve its connection to Google Drive, particularly in the process of drafting directives, so it is preferred that participants use a Gmail account (or Gmail compatible account, e.g. a school account based in Gmail) when signing up for Zoom and Slack. Additionally, participants should look to install Zoom and Slack as apps on the device with which they'll be participating rather than accessing online versions. Within two days of the conference, participants should look for any available software updates to Zoom and Slack. All participants will need a functional camera and microphone. If this cannot be achieved through a participant's device alone, separate webcams and/or microphones are permitted. If a participant expects to be logging on to the conference from a noisy location, headphones are recommended.


The Slack and Zoom links/codes will be posted on our virtual committee's webpage. All participants are encouraged to join the committee's Slack stream within 24 hours of the conference, but they are not to communicate on this stream until the start of the committee. Do not attempt to use the committees' Zoom link until the scheduled times for committee sessions.


What etiquette should I have during committee sessions?

All delegates are required to keep their camera on for the duration of the committee and stay muted unless speaking. Follow the basic rules of Parliamentary Procedure, and abide by the instructions of the dias (chairs). There will be a Code of Conduct released to all delegations to ensure this conference run smoothly. Being found in violation of the Code of Conduct can result in a delegate's removal from the committee, withdrawal from awards, and suspension from attending TUSMUNC in the future.