Meet the Staff

Secretary General, Simulation Director

My name is Cecilia, and this year, my senior year at Ursuline, marks the start of my seventh year as a delegate (gosh I’m old). Although I can’t imagine what my life would be like at this point without MUN, I also play cello and Irish dance. In the past year, I have had the honor of being introduced (through Netflix) to "Parks and Rec" and "Avatar: The Last Airbender," so I would be happy to talk with any other fans. I am also very easily distracted by pictures of other people's dogs and would be happy to show you pictures of mine. Good luck, delegates!

Secretary General, Crisis Director (Yemen)

Hi delegates! I’m Maeve, a senior here at Ursuline. Besides my deep interest for the political situation of Burkina Faso in the 1980s onward, I also enjoy listening to Mitski, overanalyzing poems in English class, and making my friends pay for all my meals. I’m looking forward to making TUSMUNC III a great experience for everyone. I hope you all enjoy this year’s conference!

Undersecretary of External Affairs


Hey Delegates! My name is Alexandria Carson. I am a senior at Ursuline and I have been doing Model UN since 7th grade. Besides Model UN l am in orchestra, I am a member of Warm Hands Warm Hearts, and I am a member of my church youth council on the district and conference level. Some other hobbies that I have are dancing, playing tennis and
just having fun with my friends. I am also a huge fan of Marvel, which, if you came to
TUSMUNC I you may know, as I was the Chair of the Captain America Civil War
committee. Anyway, I can’t wait to meet all of you this year at TUSMUNC III! Good luck
and have fun!

Undersecretary of Internal Affairs


Hello, Delegates! My name is Nicole Lee and I am a senior at Ursuline. I joined MUN in 7th grade, and I’ve loved it ever since. Besides MUN, I’m busy doing track and hurdling, coding mods for video games, and reading astrology posts (I’m a Taurus!!). I love watching Netflix (Black Mirror & Queer Eye), Hulu (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), and YouTube. I am ecstatic about TUSMUNC III this year, and I know you all will enjoy everything we have planned. You may remember me as a Crisis Director of the Lorax Committee and the Ad Hoc NYC Committee. I hope I will get to see you all!

Undersecretary of Research, Crisis Director (NFL)

My name is Ananya Singh and I am a senior at Ursuline. I’ve been doing Model UN since sixth grade and have loved every minute of it. Because of that, I have become an overall more confident and outgoing person, as well as a better speaker and writer. Outside of MUN I love playing tennis, listening to music, watching sports, and spending time with my friends and family.

Undersecretary of Finance, Crisis Director (Harry Potter)

Hi, I am Hannah Parisi and I am a Crisis Director at TUSMUNC III. I am part of the class of 2021. Currently, I am in the twelfth grade. I have been a part of MUN since seventh grade. In that time, I have attended many Model United Nations conferences that have helped me grow more confident in public speaking. I am really excited to be a part of TUSMUNC III. I am honored with the opportunity to work with many talented women to create TUSMUNC III. I cannot wait to see what will happen and have some much fun with all of you attending.

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