November 16
Grades 5-8

Welcome to TUSMUNC II!

Dear delegates, advisors, and honored guests,


It is my honor to welcome you to the second annual The Ursuline School Model United Nations Conference (TUSMUNC II).  We aim to continue and improve on our mission of providing high-quality debate as well as an opportunity for both new and experienced delegates alike to improve their diplomatic skills through feedback on position papers, delegate performance, and crisis notes.

The theme of this year’s conference is Out of the Ashes: Reconstruction after Conflict.  Last year, delegates discussed how best to bridge divides and resolve conflict in their communities.  This year, delegates will address the next step: how to establish and rebuild a system battered by turmoil and fractionalization in a way that will ensure lasting unity.  When a whole city, state, or people has been ravaged by bitter division and political upheaval, how do its inhabitants create a new order that will prevent history from repeating itself?  

Our four committees, though separated by time and space, each deal with a people divided and shattered by conflict.  In each, delegates will have to pick up the pieces left behind and create something stronger and more beautiful than that which came before it in order to create lasting peace, prosperity, and unity.  In Watching the Tension Grow: America after the Revolution, delegates must shape and guide a fledgling nation, fresh from revolution and chaos under the Articles of Confederation, through new conflicts and dilemmas, including the economic and political future of the nation.  In Ragnarok: a World Aflame, delegates must navigate the seven worlds through a world-ending war, then shape the new order from scratch after the slate has been wiped clean by conflict and fate. In A Nation in Crisis: Burkina Faso, 1987, delegates must investigate the source of recent political upheaval, heal a reeling nation after a devastating blow, and establish a new power structure to improve the quality of life of their citizens.  Lastly, in New York City: Ad Hoc, delegates will face unknown challenges that will test the unity and strength of America’s greatest city.


Even though most of these committees deal with distant times and places, all revolve around the same theme: war and division are easy to create, but much harder to erase.  Restoring a nation shattered by conflict will be no easy feat, but it is this all-too-relevant task that delegates will be faced with at our conference. This is the issue that seems to be on everyone’s lips: where do we go from here?  When a nation has divided itself so far that the divide seems irreconcilable, how can we rebuild trust and faith in one another, belief in a common purpose, and integrity in our political and social system?  

It is these questions, then, that delegates will really be answering when they debate the foundations of a new Norse pantheon or the economic policy of the 1700s.  It is these questions that will be so important going forward because throughout history and in the present, there seems to be a perpetual shortage of peacemakers, builders, architects who can bring their people out of the ashes of conflict and into a new era of peace and prosperity.  This is our main purpose in creating this conference: to cultivate the peacemakers that will heal the divisions in our country and our world, who will advocate peace, compromise, and rebuilding even when the odds seem insurmountably high. Best of luck, delegates.


Stella Banino

Secretary-General and Crisis Simulation Director of TUSMUNC II

Special thanks to our sponsor, the Louise Este Bruce Foundation!





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